• Fit of the 7 inch round purse

    This photo shows size and fit of my 7 inch round crossbody purse. Each of my hand drawn designs are unique, but all 7 inch bags are the same size.

  • Iphone Pro size phone fits the 7 inch round purse

    Room for most all your essentials in the 7 inch round purse

  • Crossbody Straps

    All of my crossbody purse and bags have adjustable leather straps with a wide size range to fit most people.

  • Fit of Standard Crossbody Purse

    This photo show the fit of my standard crossbody (saddle bag) style purse.

  • The Larger 7 inch Round purse

    The Larger 7 inch round purse will hold quite a few essentials, including most popular phones. The smaller round purses (5 inch diameter will not)