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Handcrafted Long Wallet • Vintage Styled • Made in the USA

Handcrafted Long Wallet • Vintage Styled • Made in the USA

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Discover the epitome of rugged durability in fashion with our Handcrafted Vintage Styled Leather Long Wallet. Experience the unique, long-lasting charm of handcrafted leather that tells a narrative through its patina over time. This wallet is not just a fashion statement; it's a testament to toughness and longevity. Made from thick, robust leather, it embodies a vintage style that amplifies any look it's paired with. The rugged texture gives it an outdoorsy feel that is just perfect for those who love to explore the wild or roar down the road on their motorcycles. Each piece is individually cut and meticulously handcrafted, ensuring you are carrying a unique piece of art in your pocket. A true testament to American craftsmanship, these wallets are exclusively made in the USA. They make for the perfect gift for the man who appreciates the blend of style, durability, and practicality when it comes to their wallet.


This wallet is handcrafted by Erick Gfeller, a skilled artisan. I take great care in crafting each wallet, ensuring that every detail is done well. The handcrafted nature of this wallet makes it unique and authentic, and I am confident that you will love it.

- Made in the USA: This wallet is proudly made in the USA, using locally sourced materials. By purchasing this wallet, you are supporting a local artisan and contributing to the growth of American craftsmanship.


- Genuine Leather: The wallet is constructed using quality genuine leather. This ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable investment that will withstand everyday wear and tear and will exhibit a beautiful patina with age.

- Spacious Storage: With its long design, this wallet provides ample space to accommodate various cards, cash, and other essentials. 

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