CucharaSky Leather Goods

Discover the artistry of our handmade leather goods, creatively crafted in the USA. Each piece tells a unique story.

CucharaSky "One of a kind", Rustic leather bags

Original Hand Tooled Leather Bags

Embrace the compact and rugged beauty of small crossbody hand-tooled leather bags, a perfect blend of style and functionality. Every bag exhibits individually hand carved designs by Erick Gfeller.

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CucharaSky Handmade Leather Wallets

Expertly Crafted and Timeless: Handmade Leather Wallets.

Experience the Uniqueness of a CucharaSky Hand Tooled Leather Card Wallets. Each piece is individually crafted by Erick Gfeller

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Original Mountain Man knives

Prairiewind Hand Forged Knives.

Explore the world of authentically styled mountain man knives, perfect for collectors looking for unique pieces.

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